Media begins the push to disarm Conservative Americans

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Charlotte, NC – The media continues to push the narrative that conservatives are all right-wing extremists and white supremacists. Now, they are starting to focus on the idea that conservatives may need to be disarmed in November. This idea is suggested as Yahoo News suggests those who identify as right-wing are domestic terrorists capable of violence pending the election outcome.

The article is built around statements from Russ Travers, the former head of the National Counterterrorism Center. Travers was fired from his role after Trump took office by the incoming director of national intelligence. Travers said that he expected right-wing terrorism if Trump were to lose the election.

The article continued by saying the Department of Homeland Security agreed. In a document released on August 17, the DHS said, “We assess ideologically-motivated violent extremists and other violent actors could quickly mobilize to threaten or engage in violence against election or campaign-related targets in response to perceived partisan and policy-based grievances.” The only group mentioned in the document were white supremacists according to Yahoo. There was no link to the document or image shared.

Yahoo continues in the article saying that Travers agrees that left-wing violence, as in the case of Antifa, is an issue. Travers said these events are small, with few instances of violence compared to their right-wing counterparts. The article then goes on to make the case that these “right-wing terrorists” are part of an international movement, not just a domestic movement like Antifa.

This is just part of the continued movement to silence and disarm conservatives across the country. The media has been all in on the silencing part, working on coordination with social media outlets to censor and even ban conservative outlets. Now, they are setting up the push to disarm conservatives as well.

The move was already underway to take away “assault” weapons and significantly restrict gun purchases. Joe Biden has indicated he supports such measures. His replacement, Kamala Harris, would take those measures even further.

This is more than just restricting “assault” weapons or limiting ammunition purposes. Think red flag laws on steroids. The left has proven that nothing is off limits and they are willing to dive into your personal life.

I can only imagine some of the proposed triggers that the left would propose for this conservative red flag disarming movement. Ever donated to President Trump? Donated to any Republican or the GOP? Ever laughed at a Biden or AOC meme? These would classify you as a white supremacist, a right-wing extremist, and you could be labeled a terrorist threat.

The criminalization of someone for being a conservative is getting out of hand. In our country, you are able to freely display information about a violent group like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, but must worry about losing your job because you are conservative.

Things are only going to become worse in a potential Democrat-controlled Congress and White House. The suggestion for mandatory gun buybacks has already been made. Firearm bans, limits, and restrictions are ready to be passed. Now, it appears charging conservatives as terrorists could be soon to follow.

Conservatives must no longer be silent. This is no more about being a silent group, but it requires conservatives to become vocal and outspoken. We must stand for our freedoms and our rights, because the left is on a mission to take them away.

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