Joe Biden and John McCain

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According to this report in Politico, Cindy McCain will be featured tonight at the Democratic National Convention, such as it is. She will outline the “unlikely friendship” between her husband and Joe Biden. “I was honored to accept the invitation from the Biden campaign to participate in a video celebrating their relationship,” she tweeted.

Politico says it’s unclear whether Cindy McCain’s appearance will amount to an official endorsement of Biden. The suspense isn’t killing me.

I don’t know why the friendship between John McCain and Biden is described as “unlikely.” McCain was friends with a number of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

Actually, during the day I spent with McCain in New Hampshire back in November 2027, McCain spoke more respectfully of Hillary than he did about Biden. This, despite the fact that, at the time, Hillary seemed likely to be McCain’s opponent in the general election if McCain received the nomination.

But McCain understood that Hillary is much more intelligent than Biden. He probably thought she was more fun to drink with, too.

Biden’s name came up during that day as a possible running mate with McCain. You may recall that there was talk of a McCain-Lieberman ticket — Joe Lieberman being McCain’s best friend among the Democrats.

McCain seemed open to possibility of running with Lieberman, but scoffed at the idea of running with Biden. He joked that he would never get a word in edgewise if the two were on the same ticket.

To paraphrase Frankie Pentangeli in the Godfather, Part II, John McCain knew Joe Biden, he liked Joe Biden, but he never respected Joe Biden. At least, he didn’t seem to on that November day in New Hampshire.

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