REMINDER: James Comey Killed Deal with Julian Assange of Wikileaks

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Last night President Trump hinted that he would be giving someone a pardon this morning.  Many suspected that the President might be pardoning Julian Assange.  This was not the case but it turns out it was an excellent and educated guess.

This morning, after the President’s announcement last night, the Last Refuge suggested that President Trump might be pardoning Julian Assange today, noting that if the pardon relates to Julian Assange then all hell is about to break loose:

We know that Julian Assange said that the Russians did not provide him emails from the DNC.  Assange said this numerous times.

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We know Crowdstrike could not confirm that the Russians had hacked the DNC and then provided the hacked emails to the DNC.  We know Democrats and the MSM claimed Russia stole the DNC emails and provided them to WikiLeaks for years to keep the Trump – Russia coup alive. We know this was a lie. We also know that the Deep State actors behind the coup never spoke with or asked Assange who his source was.

This evening John Solomon reminded us of news related to Julian Assange. 

John Solomon was on with Lou Dobbs on FOX Business and he reminded viewers that two years ago he reported that there was a deal in the works with Julian Assange but former FBI Director James Comey shut it down.  

As we’ve previously reported, Crowdstrike never could provide evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russia and then provided the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

John Solomon reported this evening that Julian Assange had agreed to a deal with the DOJ but James Comey killed the deal in early 2017.  We reported on this two years ago.

Via Lou Dobbs:

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