President Trump to Announce Major Pardon Today – Won’t Be Snowden or General Flynn

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President Trump teased reporters on the flight back to Washington last night that he will be making a major announcement today and pardoning someone big.  He said it won’t be General Flynn or Eric Snowden.

CBS reporter Weijia Jiang shared last night:

FOX News reported:

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President Trump said on Monday that he plans to pardon someone “very, very important” on Tuesday, but would not go into details about who it is.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One while on his way back to Washington from a tour of battleground states in the Midwest, Trump dropped the news about the upcoming pardon – saying only that it would not be former NSA staffer Edward Snowden or Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump over the weekend hinted that he was considering pardoning Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who has been living in Russia since he leaked information on vast domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the NSA.

There is all sorts of speculation about who the President might pardon.  TheLastRefuge responded with a tweet noting that if the pardon relates to Julian Assange then all hell is about to break loose:

We know that Julian Assange said that the Russians did not provide him emails from the DNC.  We know Crowdstrike could not confirm this.  We know Democrats and the MSM claimed Russia stole the DNC emails for years to keep the Trump – Russia coup alive.  We know this was a lie.  We also know that the Deep State actors behind the coup never spoke with or asked Assange who his source was.

Whoever it is, President Trump’s pardon will drown out the entire production the DNC is putting together this week and calling their convention.

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