America’s ‘Top Wine Explorer’ Finds Rare Supply of Wine

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Dear Reader, do you have a minute?

America’s ‘Top Wine Explorer’ here…

The contents of this message are rather time-sensitive… so I’ll get straight to the point…

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As I write this, a few cases of a rare type of red wine – called ‘black wine’ – are making their way to a secure, climate-controlled warehouse in California…

Up until recently this wine was impossible to find in the US… it is made only in a remote desert valley at the feet of the Andes mountains – “the world’s most isolated wine region” – at an altitude most grapes could barely survive…

Yet this isolation and extreme terroir produce an unparalleled complexity… rich with longevity promoting micro-nutrients (which is why this red wine looks near black)… brimming with notes of leather, blackberry… even the smoke of a distant campfire…

An opaque, near-black, red wine

Safe to say, this is NOT one of those ‘easy’ California Cabs… yet entire vintages of this wine sell out in 24 hours to a list of (mostly very rich) private buyers…up until recently you pretty much had to be a multi-millionaire (or good friends with one) to even taste a ‘black wine’ like this…

But today – for reasons I’ll make clear – you can be among the first Americans to claim your very own supply of this rare extreme altitude wine…

If you are interested, don’t wait to check out your invitation at this link…

NOTE: Supplies are extremely limited and WILL run out.


Will Bonner

P.S. You may be thinking that this is one of those $500 a bottle wines. Maybe it should be. But actually, it’s an incredible value. Click here to find out more…

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