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National Review needs your help, very much, in this battle to fend off the Cancel Culture warriors, to call BS (as Rich Lowry so aptly put it in his just-published direct appeal) on the lies told by and about Kamala Harris, to expose the massive fallacies and history-rewriting project of the 1619 advocates, to sound the alarm about the enormous scope and scale, and disastrous consequences, of Red China’s global-hegemony ambitions. We fight on your behalf, on behalf of the current contentions, and on behalf of the future for your children and grandchildren.

And for our Nation and all it stands for, all it is. We must not let them prevail, these New Age Marxists, these city-destroying Antifa thugs, these elected cop-hating hacks, these Black Lives Matters tools of Alinsky 2.0, these social-media mob-sters and monsters, these virtue-signaling corporate “progressives,” these Fortune 500 tribute-paying, gutless executives, these protected academic extremists intent on destroying our More Perfect Union, this haven of Unalienable Rights, this last best hope of earth.

We fight because . . . this is the life we have chosen. We fight without fear or intimidation. We fight to ensure our neighbors and our next generations the blessings of Liberty. Yes, this is our fight, and you know it is yours too, and being practical, you also know that the best way to engage our enemies is for you to support National Review. Want to hear from a few who have done exactly that?

  • Brian sends $100 and history’s briefest memoir: “I have been reading National Review since I was in college. I am now over 70. I am happy to contribute.” Short, sweet, to the point, generous. Thanks so much, Brian.
  • Thomas echoes that, also sending $100, and admitting of a long friendship: “Great job, Natl Review, for 60 years I’ve been reading you.” It’s been an honor to do what we do, in your company, Thomas.
  • Ranz unloads $200 on us, along with as accurate an assessment as you could ever find: “National Review provides balanced coverage of U.S. and world affairs and events. The diversity of sensible and often differing opinions is outstanding. NR is one of the two print sources left which provides balanced, intelligent, and common-sense reporting.” We remain, and intend to for a long time, and can because of supporters like you.
  • Stephen sent $2,500. That is not a misprint. And this note: “I love the articles I read each day. Very informative.” No argument there. Nor with your monumental help. Thanks a ton. Two tons!
  • Joe pulls a $20 out of his hat, and a sentiment with rabbit-footprints all over it: “I live in an Atlanta suburb — in a red county in a blue region of a red state that is trending purple. I am grateful for the influence of NR and how it has helped me to be informed and equipped to fight the good fight for my entire adult life. I wish I had more to give, but as I’m making a living doing live magic shows on Zoom these days (don’t judge me), here’s a $20. It’s real, I promise!” We are and will remain very appreciative. Promise!
  • Nicholas makes with the $25 gift, and some sweet memories of our founder: “I just finished reading Buckley’s Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription and appreciate your using it as the basis for your webathon. Remember when the crank wrote claiming to be the second coming of Christ? ‘Dear Mr. Bloom: Beware. I am the second coming of Pontius Pilate. – WFB’ I like that he left out the ‘Cordially’ for that sign-off. Many want to accuse NR of losing their way from the style of content published when Buckley was editor but with the heterodoxy of opinion that NR publishes, I don’t understand how that can be true. Sending this with regret that I cannot spare more.” Don’t regret a thing, Nicholas; what you’ve done is super. Bill is smiling somewhere!
  • A sweet $75 comes from Lynda, along with news of a successful marriage: “God bless you for your efforts! The truth must be proclaimed! There is so much madness in the world. A rational conservative voice is needed. Justice demands it, actually. Thank you for always being there. My husband introduced me to NR when we got married (1984) and you’ve been a part of my life since then. I’m grateful!” That makes two of us. Or three! Thanks so much, Lynda.
  • Tim gets off the sideline and tenders us a kindly $50, and an explanation: “My conscience was pricked by the moocher reference. Here’s my mite to support more great writing by Williamson, Cooke, McCarthy, Geraghty and the other sharp witted and wicked pen wielders that make this site my first destination on the web every morning.” NR and Corn Flakes is the way to start the day. Thanks so much, Tim.
  • Charlotte donates $100, and nails the facts of life in 2020: “Thank you, National Review, for keeping us calm during the storm. We don’t always hear from you what we wish were true, but that’s as it should be.” And will be, Charlotte. Thanks to good people such as you.

OK amigos, a little more than 24 hours remains before this appeal concludes. We’re sweating it out, never despairing: Who knows what kind and what amount of generosity will break open as we race to our goal of $250,000? Since late July, some 1,900 people (God bless them!) have seen fit to donate some $180,000. A few hundred more, sprinkled with some Stephen-sized contributions (be assured, we know they come in all shapes and sizes, and each/every one is immensely appreciated) may get us there. Oremus. While we pray, would you be so kind as to donate? Do that here, with our ceaseless gratitude.

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