Trump is compared to Hussein and Assad, and said that he should be charged with mass homicide

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, PoliticusUSA had an opinion piece by an author whose name was listed as RMuse. In the article, the author compared President Trump to Sadaam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad, and was called “the criminally-culpable GOP standard-bearer.”

The argument of the article is that Trump should be criminally charged with mass homicide and criminal negligence for his handling of the Chinese coronavirus. Yes, the virus that China and the World Health Organization conspired together on, allowing it to spread across the world. The United States has the most cases of COVID-19 in the world and has experienced almost 170,000 deaths.

The statements come after Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called for the creation of a presidential crimes commission that can investigate Trump once he leaves office. The left is looking for any potential method to charge Trump with something, so they can try to lock him up and put him away permanently. The author of this article takes it even further though.

The author argues is that Trump mishandled the crisis, then begins the comparisons. He compares Trump’s handling of COVID-19 to Sadaam Hussein, who committed genocide by ordering his military to kill citizens and attacked them with mustard gas.

Then he compared Trump to Bashar al-Assad. He is the President of Syria who has been charged with shooting at, bombing, and using chemical agents against his citizens as well. So we are going to compare Trump to these terrorists, for a virus that China is responsible for?

If you want to think and talk about negligence, look no further than the Obama administration, which the author praised. We could talk about how Obama allowed Syria to kill its people, but let’s focus on what Obama and his administration did to the American people. There are several instances, but we only need to look at just one.

In 2012, US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in an attack on a US diplomatic building. Concerns about security for them were raised to then-Secretary Hillary Clinton, but were ignored. What was the response of the left? Promote her to be their top candidate for President after allowing four Americans to die.

We also know that those Americans suffered for hours during the attack on the compound. No help was sent. Instead, Obama and his staff decided to sit and talk about it for hours, leaving the four men to die.

The left will argue that 4 lives are nothing compared to the 170,000 lost in coronavirus. They argue that any life that can be saved is important. They obviously did not believe that way in 2012.

Trump is in no way comparable to Hussein and Assad. This is more mainstream ridiculousness from a radical left that cannot stand someone who does not give them their way. President Trump is not perfect, but he is far from guilty of mass homicide.

President Trump has not directly ordered the death of thousands of Americans. The left argued that he acted too quickly when he shut down travel. Now, he’s guilty of mass murder because he will not shut down the entire country.

The left is absolutely ridiculous. It seems they forget we had no developed testing, no technical data, and no understanding of the details of the china virus. Why? Because China and the WHO kept that from the world.

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