“Joe Biden Has No Control Over Anybody, He Has No Control Over Himself”

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On Sunday President Trump held a press conference at his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

During the presser reporter Jennifer Jacobs with Bloomberg News asked President Trump if any of his cabinet members will leave after the election. This was an interesting question that assumed President Trump will likely win his election in November.

President Trump responded by BLASTING DEMOCRATS and the far left, unhinged platform and then crushing Joe Biden.

President Trump: I think there is more enthusiasm for 2020 than there was in 2016. And 2016 was a record. You found that out. And I think there is much more enthusiasm now than there was even in 2016. I just looked there are thousands of boats in lakes, rivers and oceans. Thousands of boats, it’s called Boaters for Trump, Boaters for Pence. There’s signs all over. The boats have ten flags on them… We did nothing to do this. It’s just generic. It just happened.

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Let me tell you. I think the enthusiasm for what we’re doing. We want law and order, lower your taxes. They want to raise your taxes, they want open borders, and they want to defund the police! How do you win on that? They want to go to Texas and they want to go to Pennsylvania and they want to stop fracking. And Ohio, they want to stop fracking. They’re against steel. They’re against anything with petroleum in it. You won’t have a country. These people are crazy.

I will say this no administration has done in the first three years what we have done… We have a 91% approval rating with the vets. No one has ever had this before. I’ve guarded the Second Amendment. Look at Kamala. They want to destroy the Second Amendment. And as you know Joe has no control over anybody. He has no control over himself. Thank you everybody.

President Trump received a raucous applause from his club members as he ended the presser after the question.

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