Forensic Audio Analyst “Roger Stone Did Not Use Racial Slur”

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Eric Tausch, a veteran sound engineer specialist with 30 years in the film and television industry, has released a report detailing his forensic analysis of the Mo’Kelly Show where the host claimed Roger Stone uttered a racial slur. TGP first reported the smear from Kelly, a left-wing Los Angeles based “journalist” who used the alleged incident to raise his profile and widen the racial divide across the United States. The interview was plagued by several interruptions and “crossed wires” from the control room.

EXCLUSIVE: Radio Host Attacks Roger Stone With Racial Smear

We conducted an examination of the audio and that is where the podcast host’s story began to fall apart. Using spectral analysis software, I have determined that the segments of the doctored clip clearly exhibit fluctuations in the ambient noise floor where the recorded voice has been altered.

Taush continued by saying that Mo’Kelly’s own sound technicians have reached the conclusion that the host doctored the recording, but are afraid to come forward.

Further evidence of the insertion is the drop in the volume level of Stone’s voice. We analyzed the audio sample by scoping the data. The level of Stone’s voice throughout the entire interview is consistent. Only in the contested segment is there an appreciable drop in the audio level of Stone’s voice. Even the authenticity of the inserted section is questionable. When slowing the speed it appears the entire segment was computer generated where words were taken from other audio sources of Stone’s voice. This technique is often used in spoof videos and is, in fact quite common.

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It is my understanding that other sound engineers have conducted their own analysis of the audio tape and reached the same conclusions I have but have been unwilling to publicly certify their findings because of the controversial nature of those involved in this dispute. We at Editech stand behind our findings in this analysis.

Despite Mo’Kelly’s attacks, Roger Stone has a decades long history of fighting for civil rights and against racism directed towards communities of color.

TGP confirmed through a longtime friend and business partner of Stone that the longtime political advisor has been on the forefront of civil rights in ways that most people don’t even know.

“Roger Stone opposed the “Stop and Frisk ” policy in NYPD as “racist”. Roger Stone supports Affirmative Action- giving preferences to African Americans in Federal hiring and contracts. Roger Stone supported the extension of the Voting Rights Act and criticized President Ronald Reagan when he refused to do so. Roger Stone has opposed the federal War on Drugs for 30 years calling it “racist”. Roger Stone worked with Congressman Jack Kemp and Governor Tom Kean to make Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday a federal Holiday. Roger Stone donated $50,000 to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network for minority scholarships.”

Roger Stone Responds To Racial Smear From Leftwing Radio Host

Another day and another mainstream media race hoax exposed. It turns out that Mo’Kelly is the Jussie Smollett of left-wing radio hosts! You can read Tausch’s full report by clicking here.

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