“A Lot of Interest from a Lot of Countries” in the Region Ready to Make Peace Deals with Israel (VIDEO)

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On Thursday President Trump announced a new peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

This is a major step toward peace in the Middle East.

During this morning’s announcement Trump son-in-law and negotiator Jared Kushner told reporters there may be another peace deal in the works.
Via HotAir:

“There is a good chance that another country could make a deal with Israel in the coming days,” Kushner said at the White House.

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Speaking to reporters after he unveiled the historic agreement, Trump suggested more diplomatic breakthroughs between Israel and its Muslim neighbors in the region were expected.

Then this evening Jared Kushner went on with Bret Baier on FOX News and was asked about his earlier statement.

Bret Baier: He said earlier there were a lot of countries coming on board. Are there?

Jared Kushner: “We have a lot of interest from a lot of countries. You know people are afraid to go first. I think a lot of countries are watching to see how this plays out. So far it’s been very positively received in the country. And a lot of these people they don’t want to focus on past conflicts, they want to focus on how they can have a better future. They want to focus on their children to lead better lives than them. They want security. They want economic prosperity.”

Jared went on to bash the Obama administration for bribing Iran with billions of US dollars that they used to destabilize the region.

President Trump earlier today added this during his presser, “Way more news, coming soon…”

Via Special Report:

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