We Want Names! GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says Committee Republicans Blocking Subpoenas For James Comey, John Brennan

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Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Wednesday that Republicans on his committee blocked him from subpoenaing fired FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and others involved in Spygate.

Earlier this year, the Committee gave Ron Johnson unilateral subpoena power, however, several members are now “highly concerned” about how it looks politically to subpoena Obama’s goons.

It is unclear how Ron Johnson is unable to issue subpoenas now after the Committee already granted him the power to do so.

“We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who pressed the Senator to name the Republicans blocking him.

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Ron Johnson refused to name names and said that he needs unanimous support from all Committee Republicans in order to issue subpoenas — even ONE GOP member objecting would result in a deadlock vote.

“If I lose one, I lose the vote,” Johnson said.

Hugh Hewitt repeatedly asked Ron Johnson to name the GOP members on the Senate Homeland Security Committee blocking his subpoenas.

Johnson dug in his heels.

“Hugh, I’m just not going to be naming names that way,” Johnson replied.

“If there’s a senator who is blocking a subpoena, we need to know who that is so we throw them out,” Hewitt said, pressuring Johnson to name names.

Majority members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security:

  • Johnson,, Ron. WI.
  • Portman, Rob. OH.
  • Paul, Rand. KY.
  • Lankford,, James. OK.
  • Romney, Mitt. UT.
  • Scott, Rick. FL.
  • Enzi, Michael B. WY.
  • Hawley, Josh. MO.

Johnson also told Hugh Hewitt that he has not spoken with US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham, the special prosecutor investigating the origins of Spygate.

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