Kamala Harris, the Democrats latest excuse

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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, former Vice President and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Harris was one of two individuals strongly suspected of being the choice. Now, all eyes are on Biden and Harris, the latest excuse for the Democratic party.

The media immediately jumped on the move to defend it, calling it historic and unprecedented. They went on the defense, running articles that said Harris never called Joe Biden a racist. That is true, she never said “Joe Biden is a racist,” but she might as well have.

Harris issued the most pointed attacks that Biden faced in the primary debates. Harris was quick to call out Biden’s mental issues on the debate stage as well. She quickly called out when he forgot she was an African American Senator.

The problem for Harris is that this continues to look like a losing cause for Joe Biden. Joe cannot get out of his basement, leaving the bulk of the work to Kamala Harris. She quickly got started on the support of her boss after the announcement went out.

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@JoeBiden can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals.I’m honored to join him as our party’s nominee for Vice President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief.

She’s already making conflicting statements, because she said that Joe Biden fought against her and others as a candidate. She spoke out against his lack of support for things like Medicare for All. Now, she proves she is willing to do anything to transition to win a new job.

The only job Kamala Harris wins is that of the new excuse. In 2016, Democrats placed their blame on Hillary Clinton. They cannot afford to place the blame on their beloved Joe Biden. He is the chosen and anointed one to take the “throne” of the United States.

Harris is deeply divisive, something that Joe Biden certainly did not want. Harris divides moderates from liberals on many issues. She is deeply divisive over things that would win over moderates or even some left-leaning conservatives, like transgender athletes.

She is known for her past, which includes high incarceration rates of black men. How well does that sit with the Black Lives Matter movement? The one that is out here pandering against law enforcement, used to be close friends with law enforcement encouraging law and order.

It probably will not sit well with the rioters either. She’s been on her Twitter account, stoking the racial tensions tweet after tweet. Yet, she’s one of the very ones they are protesting.

This simply does not help Democrats. From the beginning, I claimed that the ticket would be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Democrats would feel this was the strongest ticket they could put forward. Nothing like a man stricken with dementia and a woman who is simply the “next in line.”

The intentions of the Democrats are clear. They picked a younger VP candidate that can appeal to the radical left. Harris had no issues moving left continually during the primary. More than appeal, she will be the President before the end of a potential Biden term.

With Biden’s mental health issues, there is no way he makes it through one term as President. He has told close aides that he does not intend to seek a second term. He has also said if he had any mental or physical health decline, he would not seek a second term.

We already see the mental health decline, so the one term is all you would get from  Joe Biden. This election is not about Joe Biden versus Donald Trump. This election is about Kamala Harris versus Donald Trump.

Harris is simply the latest excuse for the Democrats. If Joe Biden loses, it will be because she was divisive. It will be because she was either too radical, or not allowed to be radical enough. There is not one single instance where this ends and it is a case of Joe Biden being a weak candidate.

That is exactly the case though. Democrats have packed their ticket with weak candidates and are expecting the mainstream media to carry them to victory in November. The mainstream media has started out well, quickly defending the pick. What will they do after the loss in November?

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