Chicago Looters Target Ronald McDonald House with the Families of Young Sick Children Inside

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Simply outrageous – criminal rioters, BLM and domestic terrorists around the nation are destroying major cities led by inept and corrupt Democrat leaders. 
When the Chicago rioters and looters attacked a Ronald McDonald House, where the families of sick children are staying, they reached a new low.

On Monday morning, rioters in Chicago destroyed large sections of the city for several hours.  Looters ran riot and no place was safe, not even the Ronald McDonald House.

A local TV station reported on the riots and destruction:

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The Ronald McDonald House mission is to “to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families”.  The fact that these criminals would attack this place is just plain appalling.

Like the woman in the video said, these people staying at the Ronald McDonald House have enough stress in their lives, they don’t need these criminals threatening their safety as well.

What an outrageous mess the Democrats have created and they don’t have a clue on how to stop it.  Just outrageous.

** On a personal note:

When my first child was born many years ago, I was in graduate school and had little money or income.  Our child was born prematurely and sent to a special hospital where children like my child could be best monitored and taken care of.  Near the hospital was a Ronald McDonald House.  We were allowed to stay there for free for the week that our baby was in the hospital.  All we had to do was pitch in and help with the chores around the house.  McDonald’s even brought in food some nights for the guests.

Other families were there as well who had sick children in the hospital.  The Ronald McDonald House was a place where parents could stay near the hospital for free.  The expenses of having a child in the hospital were difficult for many people, so not having to worry about housing costs near the hospital was a blessing.

Because of this I never subscribed to the anti-McDonald’s movement and have always enjoyed a McDonald’s Big Mac with a chocolate shake.  My daughter is a happy, mature, healthy and a beautiful woman today.

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