“San Diego Is NOT Portland!”

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San Diego Black Lives Matter protesters held a rally on Saturday in support of the street terrorists in Portland.
In Portland violent leftists have destroyed the downtown in 60 nights of riots. The BLM mob in San Diego held a rally to salute these terrorists.

The protesters were met by a huge police presence and hundreds of angry local citizens who do not want San Diego to turn into a leftist dump like Portland.

The BLM mob retreated and went home before nightfall.

Patriot-Fire.net reported:

TRENDING: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Lashes Out at President Trump — Says National Guard Not Needed After Looters Ransack Downtown Chicago, Attack Police for 5 Straight Hours (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter terrorists tried again to turn La Mesa into an autonomous zone, like has been happening in Portland and Seattle. La Mesa is a liberal suburb of San Diego. This is the second time they have failed. The week before only about 20 terrorists showed up and were greatly outnumbered.

This week was apparently a more official event and about 300 domestic terrorists showed up. Some of them were saying there would be a “war” after dark. However, hundreds of police were on hand from all around San Diego County and about 150 angry, concerned citizens showed up. BLM was surrounded by police and defenders.

There was no vandalism and no fires. Many of the terrorists packed up and went home in mid afternoon, long before dark when the “war” was supposed to start. Some stayed until about 9pm, but eventually the police left and they all left a few minutes later, concerned about their own safety for a change. (On May 30th they had burned down two banks and another major building, vandalized and looted dozens of other businesses.)

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