If Biden is Ahead in Polls, Why Are Democrats So Scared?

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Charlotte, N.C. – With less than three months before the 2020 Presidential Election, national polls show Joe Biden at a significant advantage. And yet, at present, Democrats seem scared and uncertain of the outcome. 

Why is that? Could it be perhaps that like in 2016, liberal media outlets and pollsters ultimately lied to the American people on how Hillary Clinton would obliterate Donald Trump in a national election?

The 2016 Results – Truth Revealed

Today, Hillary Clinton and the “Slick Willy” Era, is over. Now mind, The Clinton Family will never depart the Democratic Party until death. Why? Because of “their” popularity. Like Nancy Pelosi, power is everything to Democrats. The betterment of The American People is second – behind the force that Pelosi and others crave.

This week, the liberal news outlets are at a buzz on who Joe Biden will pick as his V.P. running mate. Honestly, to the Left, it doesn’t matter. 

Biden blundered a long time ago that a female would join him as V.P.

Months ago, before his basement-dwelling, Joe Biden revealed to the world that he would pick a woman as his running mate. To Republicans, Joe picking a woman as a running mate was no “shocker.” After all, Biden has long been fond of touching and surrounding himself with women within his anti-Conservative circles. 

Biden picking a woman as a running mate is no secret – and hasn’t been since his announcement on March 15. That aside, MSNBC, CNN, and other anti-Trump news outlets know that they need to continue the hysteria. On August 9, NBC News stated that “women’s groups are bracing for Biden-V.P. nomination attacks based on sex.” 

There you have it. For nearly five months, the world has known that Joe Biden would pick a female as his vice-presidential candidate. This intentional delay-to-action is nothing more than to spread deliberate panic, fear, and disinformation regarding our nation’s Commander-in-Chief. In the small, liberal media outlets know that their polls are wrong and only by their desperate-Democratic deceptions do ‘they” stand a chance in “righting the wrongs of 2016.” 

In 2016, how could the polls have been so wrong about the state of the election?

In 2016, there is a great deal of speculation but no clear answers as to the cause of the disconnect, but there is one point of agreement: Across the board, polls underestimated Trump’s level of support. With few exceptions, the final round of 2016 public polling showed Clinton with a lead of 1 to 7 percentage points in the national popular vote. 

Like in our country’s last election, Democratic pollsters and pundits tout that “Trump is toast in 2020.” However, if that is accurate, why is the Left so scared, so concerned with what Trump says and does as Biden hides in his basement? The Socialist-Biden, “shelter-in-place” is deliberate. Keep Joe from talking, from being seen or heard, is of the utmost importance.

The writer-philosopher George Santayana is credited with the phrase: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Democrats deceived themselves and the American People in 2016. Pelosi and her comrades demand power, and will not stop at anything to keep it. With less than 3-months left before the 2020 Election, Democrats will require deception and the intentional duping of the American people to instill their socialist agenda. 

It isn’t too late for Americans to see the destructive path orchestrated and navigated by today’s Democratic Party. If you want dangerous illustrations of what they will bring on a national level, look at the chaos in the cities of Chicago and Portland. 

If you want death, despair, and desperation, then the Democratic Party is your choice. However, if you are onboard for continued growth economic and global growth, military superiority, and the preservation of American jobs and ideals, it is clear. 

Basements are where you go to seek shelter in storms and home invasions. They are a place of courage and resolve. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are afraid that the American people have finally found their “dirty little deceptions.” Power is more important to them and their party leaders than the stability of American families. In less than three months, our nation will choose the next leader of the free world. Just how “free” do you want to be? 

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