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In Minnesota the media are flogging an alleged increase in new cases and the Sturgis apocalypse to sustain the epidemic of hysteria. See, for example, Jeremy Olson’s Star Tribune story “625 new Minnesota COVID-19 cases contribute to weekend surge.” Subhead: “COVID-19 deaths have not increased amid rise in infections, but health officials worry that this trend could emerge next.” Or skip to the Star Tribune editorial “‘Utter disaster.’ Allowing Sturgis rally to go on puts nation at risk.” Subhead: “Failure of leadership at multiple levels allows event to go on during pandemic.” Coming soon: World to end tomorrow: Women, minorities hardest hit.

While we wait for the end of the world as we know it, we note that deaths attributed by the authorities continue at a low, low level, contrary to their projections and warnings. Yesterday, to take the example closest to hand, we had three new deaths. One decedent was in his 90’s, one in his 80’s, and one in his 60’s.

Kevin Roche offers a timely “An Antidote to Fear-Mongering.” Kevin comments:

Rational assessment of facts and data is the best antidote to fear and anxiety. Here is the current chart (thanks to C. Nelson) on the daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Minnesota. See that huge recent surge in cases the State keeps talking about. No, you don’t. See how hospitalizations have stayed as high as they were in May. No, you don’t. See how deaths have jumped up. No, you don’t; they have largely flatlined. So when people reference the garbage tossed out by fearmongers, show them this.

This is the accompanying chart.

A reader reformatted the chart using the MDH data represented on it. The chart below places deaths on a secondary axis so we can see the real movement in that number. Here it is.

Oh, well. Governor Walz has recalled the legislature for yet another special session at noon tomorrow to extend the era of one-man rule. It a long way to temporary.

I have posted yesterday’s Minnesota Department of press briefing (audio below). A flock of bureaucrats addresses the new MDH guidance on visitation to long-term care facilities. Kevin makes the briefing the subject of his “Monday meanderings.” On the failure of new cases to lead to an increase hospitalizations and deaths, Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann advises as she frequently has done: “Deaths are a lagging indicator.” Let’s just say that they continue to lag.

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