Elderly Women Attacked by Antifa for Defending Police Precinct Speak Out

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Two women in their seventies who were attacked by Antifa terrorists Thursday night as they tried to defend the East Precinct of the Portland Bureau of Police spoke to local TV station KGW about the attacks. One woman had her face concealed from the TV camera during her interview, apparently afraid of further attack by Antifa.

One woman was assaulted while trying to extinguish an arson fire and the other had her head covered in paint.

Excerpt of KGW-TV report:

“Wednesday night they broke windows, it was a real mess,” said 73-year-old Penny.

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By Thursday, Penny had had enough. As protesters lit a fire outside East Precinct, Penny grabbed her fire extinguisher, her homemade Black Lives Matter sign, and with the help of her walker, made her way to the precinct to put out the flames.

“I’m very, very pro-Black Lives Matter,” said Penny. “But I just think vandalism sabotages the message.”…

…At the same time, other protesters were splashing paint against the precinct’s boarded-up windows. Some of it splattered into Penny’s hair. That was nothing compared to what 77-year-old Cobey went through. Protesters dumped paint on top of her and tossed yellow caution tape on her head.

…Like Penny, Cobey was frustrated and decided to walk over to confront protesters.

“I just got heated under the collar and said ‘Hey, this is not OK. This is my neighborhood, you’re not helping my Black friends,’” said Cobey. “It’s not OK to destroy property. You can say what you have to say but be part of the solution, not part of the problem.”…

End excerpt. Please read the complete KGW report at this link.

KGW video of the interviews:

Video of women being assaulted by Antifa terrorists:

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