Repeat Criminal Released From Jail Due to Covid-19 Concerns Murders Maryland Man

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Justin Wilson

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Richard Jordan released Justin Wilson from jail on April 30 because of COVID-19 concerns.

On July 23, Wilson, a repeat criminal, murdered 63-year-old Edigio Ienzi in his Germantown, Maryland home, reported ABC 7’s Kevin Lewis.

The victim’s 16-year-old daughter was home and witnessed part of the attack!

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The 16-year-old daughter woke up when she heard shouting and walked downstairs to see her father fighting with an intruder at knifepoint.

The teen ran back up to her bedroom and dialed 911 from her closet.

The murderer knew the family, according to the victim’s son.

“Ienzi’s son recalled telling Wilson, a longtime friend, that his dad loved to gamble and that they had several safes in the home.” – reported Kevin Lewis.

Shortly after telling Wilson about the safes, Ienzi discovered 30 of his silver coins missing.

Surveillance video from two of the neighbors’ homes caught a man matching Wilson’s description running away.

Tens of thousands of dangerous criminals are being released from prisons across the country over Coronavirus concerns which is one of the many reasons why crime is spiking.

Many convicted sex offenders and murderers have gone on to rape and murder again after being released from prison.

On Friday it was reported that Ibrahim Bouaichi, a rape suspect in Alexandria, Virginia who was released from jail to ‘help slow the spread of Coronavirus’ went on to murder his accuser.

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