China and Russia continue moves to build stronger alliance against the US

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Los Angeles, CA — China and Russia continue to build an alliance with each other, in efforts to eliminate their dependence on the United States. The moves that the two nations are making together are being hidden by the mainstream media in the United States. The media prefers to focus on things that will attempt to sway the US election.

Earlier this week, the mainstream media ran with a story that Russia is trying to help attack Joe Biden. They also reported that China was backing Joe Biden in an attempt to eliminate President Trump. Those stories just do not make sense based on what the two nations are doing together.

Both nations made a joint effort to ditch the US dollar earlier this week. The two nations want to work together to reduce their dependence on the US and build a stronger alliance. For the first time ever, the US dollar fell below 50% of the trade between the two nations.

While the two nations may have differing opinions on who they want to be the President of the United States, it just does not seem logical that they would be working against each other. If both nations are working against the United States, would they really care who wins the presidency?

Two of the most corrupt nations on earth working together is a frightening thought. Both would like to exert power over the United States, but also stand to benefit tremendously from its fall. Russia has continued to gain influence over many nations, but perhaps China has the most to gain.

China has made a living off the backs of the United States for years. From stealing intellectual property or from economic manipulation, China has established itself as a world power thanks to the United States. It is seeking its reach into other nations as well, and I believe that Russia knows this.

What better way to keep China from taking over your economy than to form an alliance. Even with the alliance that the two nations are building, the United States must renew its relationships with our allies and strengthen ourselves at home.

This comes through an America First policy, that is focused on the United States, the US Dollar, American jobs, and American products. Many of the things that President Trump said back in the 2016 election cycle, that continue to ring true. Even Joe Biden has realized that this is the only way for the United States forward, as he has copied President Trump’s policy.

Taking a difficult stance against China is only the first step. The United States must take a tough stance against many nations across the world. Nations that are refusing to join the US in their cause against China must also be considered here.

China is now a global player in the world economy, and the United States cannot enact this change alone. They must have help and that help is not going to come from Russia. They will continue to be a trade thief until the world puts more pressure on them. Americans must pay attention to the big picture, however.

The media would like you to continue to believe that President Trump is pro-Russia, and that Russia is helping him to get elected. Just a friendly reminder, there was no proof of collusion in the 2016 election. Still, they continue to run the stories about how Russia is trying to influence President Trump to win the election.

Both nations, China and Russia, will try to influence the United States election in 2020. They will both attempt to sway voters for one candidate or the other, whoever that might be. We simply cannot trust either nation.

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