Biden cannot get out of the basement to meet VP candidates

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Detroit, MI — Several media outlets are reporting that Joe Biden met with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last weekend. Whitmer has been rumored as a potential running mate for Biden in the 2020 election. Gretchen flew to Delaware and spent some time with sleepy Joe in his basement.

It’s unclear who Biden’s running mate choice will be, even after rumors of Whitmer and a Politico article that mistakenly said it was Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). What is clear, Joe Biden apparently cannot leave his basement.

Democrats are perfectly fine for Biden to remain in his basement. It’s protecting him from having to campaign and appear in public. The question is, will the American people want a President that is stuck in his basement?

President Trump has remained in the public eye, continuing to face the normal media scrutiny that he always faces. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to get the free pass from the media. With Biden’s inability to leave the basement, there are some questions that we must ask.

First, is Biden physically able to get out of the basement? There have been a lot of conversations about President Trump struggling to walk down a Ramp. Perhaps, Biden is struggling to physically leave his basement.

Second, does Biden remember how to leave his basement? We know that he has faced some issues with his memory. He’s said that millions of Americans have died. He’s forgotten what position he is running for and what year it is. Is it possible he cannot remember the way out?

Finally, is this just a situation where Biden is content to remain in his basement and let the media and other Democrats do his dirty work. I think this is the most likely scenario. Biden can safely stay in his basement, while the media runs his campaign.

He continues to make mistakes, but the media covers for him. He continues to make racist comments, but they are brushed under the rug. He has little work that he needs to do.

Someone needs to take the time to explain to the Democrats and Biden that if he were to win in November, he would have to leave his basement. He cannot be the President of the free world from Delaware in his basement.

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