Days Before Tuesday’s MASSIVE Explosion in Beirut Democrats Added Funding for the Lebanese Military Back Into House Bill for Some Reason

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Democrats in the House would not remove funding for Hezbollah from the House bill just a few days ago.  After this was reported, the Iranian-backed terrorist group waged a terrorist attack on Israel. 
Then on Tuesday an explosion that looked like an atomic bomb went off in Beirut. 

The Washington Free Beacon published yesterday before the massive explosion in Lebanon, the following:

Just days before the Iranian-funded terror group Hezbollah waged a terrorist attack on Israel’s northern border, congressional Democrats gutted legislation that would have halted U.S. funding to the Lebanese military, which is almost entirely controlled by the terror group.

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Congress has been working on legislation that would slash millions in American taxpayer funding to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), which has long been under Hezbollah’s thumb. Republican lawmakers in both the House and Senate have been pushing to cut this funding for some time, arguing that U.S. aid should not be sent to an institution known to conduct attacks against Israel on Iran’s behalf.

While the original bill had bipartisan support in both chambers, House Democrats recently attached an amendment to their version of the legislation that nixed the funding cut. Other GOP amendments that would have strengthened the legislation and pushed the LAF to isolate Hezbollah from its forces were also struck down by the Democrat-led House.

The House last week passed a watered-down version of the bill that leaves the LAF funding fully intact. The wrangling over the legislation came just days before Hezbollah launched a foiled attack on Israel from southern Lebanon, where the LAF and international forces have been tasked with stopping such terror strikes. Republican congressional sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon accused House Democrats of standing in the way of a major reform effort that could have forced the LAF to eradicate Hezbollah from its ranks or face a cutoff in U.S. aid dollars.

Then yesterday came the shocking news that a massive explosion occurred in the city of Beirut.

It was later reported that the explosion occurred in an ammunition warehouse belonging to Hezbollah terrorists.

This was a strange request by Democrats to sneak into a package to assist American workers.

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