The Greatest Economic Recovery in US History is Happening Now

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The MSM is not reporting this but the greatest economic recovery in US history is happening now. The DOW is now up more than 7,800 points since March’s low. This is the largest increase in this amount of time in history!

This is record breaking. The DOW is up more than 7,800 points in the last three months. The increase is record shattering as the DOW has never gone up more in a three month period.

Liberals cheered as the markets plummeted in February and March after reaching another all-time high on February 12, 2020, of 29,551. Democrats were praying for a depression or recession which they hoped would doom the Trump Presidency. The coronavirus took down the economy and markets.

But things have changed. Yes, not everyone is back at work due to crazy inhibitive government or corporate actions, but many Americans ARE at work again. The signs of a recovery are everywhere despite the left’s riots around the country.

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The markets are a picture of what the economy is and what it is expected to be. Company stock prices should reflect the present value of current and future earnings. The markets today have very high hopes of what is coming in the next few months, so much so, that the markets have reached heights never seen before.

On March 23rd, the DOW closed at 18,592. This was the lowest the markets had been since before the President was elected. But over the past three months, the DOW has gained back more than 7,800 points. Yesterday, on Friday, July 31, the DOW closed at 26,428, for an increase of more than 7,800 points (7,836) since March 23rd.

This increase over the past three months is the greatest in US history! Never before has the DOW gained so much in in a three month period.

In addition, the DOW has increased more than 1,000 points in a single day only 9 times in its history. All of these instances were under the Trump Presidency and 7 of these times were since March 3, 2020. On March 24th the DOW increased by more than 2,000 points (2,113) for the only time in its history.

Liberals are in a panic. Their coronavirus actions and riots didn’t work. Despite their actions to destroy the American economy the Trump recovery is in full gear and moving forward!

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