Obama’s Senior Law Enforcement and Intel Officials Were “Criminals, All of Them, Lock, Stock and Barrel” (VIDEO)

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Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova was again on his regular Monday morning meeting with Mornings at the Mall.  He is well versed in what is going on in the swamp and apparently has some pretty good contacts as he seems more connected than most. 

DiGenova reported what we were first to report on July 19th, that Igor Danchenko, who was connected with the Brookings Institute, where the anti-Trump, anti-American criminal actions of the Deep State were conjured up, was the key source in the fraudulent Steele dossier.  DiGenova says that Danchenko was given immunity when he shared with the FBI in early 2017 his actions related to the Steele dossier.  We now know that Danchenko was Steele’s primary sub-source, and the information he shared with Steele was the key information in the dossier even though it was was made-up bar talk over beers.

In yesterday’s interview DiGenova shared the following after discussing Danchenko.  He stated that the easy part in the Durham investigation is identifying that Obama’s FBI and DOJ lied to the FISA court.  The hard part is determining why they moved forward knowing that the entire Steele dossier was a lie.  DiGenova shares (at the 3:20 mark):

That’s the easy part [identifying lies in the FISA].  The part that becomes more dangerous is the conspiracy to continue this in the face of false evidence.  People at the FBI knew the information was false but they continued to investigate the President anyways.  They continued to investigate Micheal Flynn, anyways.

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So the question becomes, why did they do that?  And the answer is actually pretty simple, they hated Donald Trump and they wanted to destroy him.  They wanted Hillary Clinton to be President, she didn’t make it, so they had to destroy him.  And the notion, that senior US law enforcement and intelligence officials believed this crap coming from Christopher Steele says they’re either the most incompetent people who ever ran US counter intelligence or they are the biggest criminals who ever ran US counter intelligence.  Either one is a damning conclusion.  By the way, I follow the side of criminals, all of them, lock, stock and barrel.

Listen to DiGenova below:

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