NBA star appears to lie to help push US social justice narrative

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Milwaukee, WI — Amid the social justice causes across the United States, we are growing accustomed to the media driving a narrative that may not be completely accurate. Giannis Antetokounmpo, of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, recently joined the Bleacher Report for an interview. It appears that he may have given statements to help push a narrative for American media.

In the interview, he made several comments about racism and growing up in Greece. The video of the interview is largely unavailable on US websites, but information from the interview is still available on Greek media outlets.

In the interview, Giannis claims the first time he saw a black person driving a car was in the United States. He claims that Greece is a country of whites, and that he dealt with racism in many of the neighborhoods there. He also shares that he was afraid of deportation in a country that is known for illegal immigration across Europe.

The problem is that Giannis’ story seems to be filled with lies. In 2013, he gave an interview with Greek media that shared he had never felt racism in Greece. He also said that everyone in Greece treats him like a Greek, and he was happy that he had not dealt with racism in Greece.

I certainly did not grow up with Giannis in Greece, so it’s hard to say if he did experience racism growing up. The issue is that he clearly stated in 2013 that there was no issue with racism in Greece. Now, he says that he dealt with racism when it’s become a popular social justice cause.

Nearly every major sports outlet has been active in social justice initiatives since they began playing games in recent weeks. The MLB, WNBA, and NFL have all made headlines in their moves to pander to the social justice causes. Antetokounmpo has become one of the most popular NBA players and is loved by kids across the United States. He was the NBA MVP in 2019 and has been suggested as a potential repeat candidate for 2020.

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