COVID-19 Is Fizzling Across Nation, Recent Cases Are Less Serious and Deaths Are Diminishing But Democrats Want to Completely Shut Down the Country

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The number of deaths are decreasing – the severity of COVID-19 cases is lessoning – but Democrats want to shut down the government for the next 6 weeks.  Why would they do that?

We reported a couple days ago that Dr. Michael Levitt, a Stanford professor who also has a degree from Cambridge, claims that COVID-19 in the US will basically be over in 4 weeks.

Not only this, but the severity of COVID-19 is lessening.  Dr. Levitt again:

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Other experts have shared the same explaining over and over that increased testing does not mean a relative increase in the incidence of cases with COVID-19 (i.e. discussing the number of new cases without sharing the increase in testing is not honest – also of note, Paul Krugman is nearly always wrong):

In Florida for example, the number of individuals in the hospital or in ICU has not increased over the past month although the number of cases reported has:

We also know that lockdowns have no impact in reducing the number of deaths related to the China coronavirus:

And, of course, even the CDC claims that wearing masks can cause breathing issues and may not be healthy for the healthy:

The COVID-19 scare appears by all measures to be overblown by all measurements with mortality similar to that of a bad flu:

The COVID-19 reaction appears to be nothing more than theater:

Yet, Democrats are wanting to shut down the US for the next six weeks!  This is not a joke.  This is from Obama’s ex-health care head:

The only reason Democrats want to shut down the economy is to hurt the US economy as much as they can before the 2020 election in an effort to help their pathetic old, weak and senile candidate Joe Biden.  They had to destroy the economy in order to come close to beating President Trump. 

Democrats have shown with the Russia collusion scandal that they are willing to risk a nuclear war to stay in power.  The lives and fortunes of ordinary Americans are the least of their concerns and they have shown since the 2016 election that they want to punish Trump supporters.

Of course they will do anything to win an election. They will do anything for power. 

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