The WNBA walks away from being American

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Tampa, FL — On Saturday, the WNBA continued what was called a social justice mission in their first games of the season. In an attempt to stand for a cause, the players from both teams walked away from being American. Both teams walked out of the arena while the National Anthem was being played.

The move to have players remain in the locker room or take a kneel during the national anthem has become increasingly popular over the past several years. The NFL, NBA, and others have all taken to the spotlight for their various protests. This week, the MLB and the WNBA decided to get into the action.

The acts by these athletes continue to highlight that these sports and their athletes have lost touch with the majority of Americans. While the majority of Americans support equal treatment for all races, these groups continue to pander to select groups. They continue to set pathetic examples for the younger generation who looks up to them.

While they claim they are fighting for their social justice, they continue to display a message that America is a horrible country. The message is that America is full of racist people that mistreat everyone around them. This “systemic racism” that they claim simply does not exist.

It seems that a majority of athletes in the public eye all have one common feeling. They do not appreciate their freedoms or the price that was paid for those freedoms to exist. Many claim that it’s not about America or their American pride, but that’s exactly what their actions are showing.

At this point, essentially all professional sports could shut down, and most Americans would not care. These athletes continue to alienate the fans that pay their salaries by attending and watching their games. American sports have walked away from being American.

Sports was one place that we all could come together free of the nonsense that has captivated politics and society. Now, there is not one single area of life free from “social justice causes.” These things will continue to drive a permanent wedge between Americans, which is exactly what the left wants.

I used to be an avid sports fan. I loved to watch almost any game I could find to watch. I have never once watched a WNBA game, and Saturday confirmed that I never will.

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