Unconstitutional reparations coming soon to North Carolina

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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, the city of Asheville, North Carolina, made the historic mistake to vote to support reparations for its black citizens. In a 7-0 vote, the city approved a measure that will establish processes and a commission to attempt to repair the damage caused over 150 years ago through slavery. In other words, you must pay for everyone else’s mistakes.

The city asked the county, state, and federal officials to take part in the measure by providing financial reparations to help the economic conditions of the black communities across our country. Not because they are in a free country, that offers an opportunity for anyone regardless of color, but because they are a specific color. This asinine decision will haunt the city for years to come.

Numerous times I have commented that not one single person alive today is responsible for slavery. That practice ended decades ago, but the left will simply not let the idea go. To continue to further enslave the black voters, they want to pander by making the voters feel entitled.

Just consider some of the ridiculous comments from the public hearing in Asheville. One commenter said that he was responsible for the assault of an unarmed black man in Asheville in 2017. Not that he assaulted the man, but because he paid the police officer.

Are we really to the point that we are going to say you are responsible for the mistakes of everyone else? It certainly seems like that is the case given our current cancel culture state. Whether you were involved or not, you are considered guilty and must pay the price for others.

If you begin this process, where does the madness stop? Where do we draw the line on the benefits that everyone gained on the back of someone else?

In North Carolina, a large portion of the state was well known for furniture manufacturing over the past 50 years. Do we owe reparations to those hard-working people that made furniture for all those who are rich across the world? They were unable to afford the furniture they made, while others profited from their work.

Or what about the truck drivers of our country. They spend countless hours away from home, delivering goods and necessities to everyone, even amid a pandemic. Do we owe them reparations for their sacrifice and being unable to be at home each night with their family? You may call this crazy, but I think these are legitimate questions at this point.

Do we owe reparations for our time in Europe fighting in WW1 and WW2? Are we owed reparations from Japan for the bombing at Pearl Harbor? Perhaps the Germans owe reparations to the Jews and all of the allied countries that they battled.

You should get the idea by now. The idea that anyone alive is responsible for those things is ridiculous. In nearly every part of the world, slavery has existed in some fashion. So not only have blacks been enslaved, but so have whites. The idea of reparations to a specific color of people is not only ridiculous; it’s unconstitutional.

In an excellent article over at FEE.org, Hans Bader gave a great description of this. He wrote, “according to the current Supreme Court, the federal government is not supposed to give an entire racial group special treatment, or make payments to it, just because different members of that group were mistreated in the past. That is considered an unconstitutional racial preference.”

In the same article, he wrote, “The Supreme Court has said that racial set-asides and other entitlements are only permissible to remedy the present effects of the government’s own widespread discrimination in the relatively recent past. That means discrimination by the government that provides the special treatment—not by a different government. A racial entitlement is only permissible to remedy the government’s own discrimination, not societal discrimination.”

One has to remember that this Supreme Court view is not shared between conservatives and liberal justices. It’s certainly split based on how the justice views the constitution. In other words, if the Democrats gain control of our government and stack the court, this view could be eliminated, paving the way for reparations.

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