Judge Amy Berman Jackson Asks if Roger Stone’s Probation Still Applies After Trump’s Commutation

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Judge Amy Berman Jackson is now ordering the parties to clarify the scope of President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone.

Because Judge Jackson hasn’t abused Roger Stone enough.

Judge Jackson asked parties to address whether President Trump’s commutation applies to only Stone’s prison term and she asked for a copy of the executive order.

President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence on Friday and the Democrat-media complex has been out in full force attacking Stone.

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Mueller even lashed out at Roger Stone after the president commuted the political operative’s sentence.

Roger Stone was charged with process crimes since Mueller, Weissmann and the crooked Democrat lawyers on the special counsel’s team had NOTHING on Stone.

CNBC reported:

A federal judge ordered the parties in Roger Stone’s criminal case Monday to clarify the “scope” of President Donald Trump’s executive action commuting the prison sentence of his longtime ally.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s request came in response to “questions raised by the U.S. Probation Office,” especially the question of whether Trump’s clemency applies to “the sentence of incarceration alone or also the period of supervised release,” she said in an order on Stone’s case docket.

Jackson, a U.S. district court judge in Washington, D.C., also asked for a copy of Trump’s executive order.

The White House’s announcement of the commutation proclaimed, “Roger Stone is now a free man!” – but it apparently left unclear the question of whether the 24-month term of probation from Stone’s sentence still applied.

Those two years of supervised release were set to take effect after Stone completed his 40 months behind bars for lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering. Stone was also sentenced to pay a $20,000 fine.

The copy of Trump’s executive order and the requested clarifications are due to be handed to Jackson on Tuesday – the day Stone was scheduled to enter prison.

Judge Jackson railroaded Roger Stone, took away his First Amendment rights by imposing a TOTAL gag order and threatened to jail the republican political operative over an Instagram post.

Jackson ruled last year, “The defendant may not speak publicly about the case. Period. He may not comment about the case indirectly.”

Amy Berman Jackson said last year she would jail Roger Stone until his trial if he defies her total gag order.

The corrupt Obama-appointed judge also allowed Roger Stone’s jury to be stacked with Trump-hating Democrat activists.

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