Have portions of the US achieved herd immunity to COVID-19?

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New York, NY — As the media seems to continue to push negative coronavirus stories, we are left to wonder just how far the coronavirus has spread. Recently, the CDC chief suggested that cases were probably ten times the level reported. Most states and cities across the country would agree.

The achievement, we have all been told, is to achieve herd immunity. According to John Hopkins University, herd immunity would mean that 70% of the population would need to be immune to COVID-19 to achieve herd immunity.

In a recent conservative bashing post, two experts said that this would not be possible in the United States until well into 2021. They used New York City to help justify their numbers. They talked about how horrible the virus was and all the typical negative talking points.

A new report suggests that herd immunity may be nearing already in New York City. In one area of Queens, 68% of those tested showed positive antibodies for the virus. In another area, 56% showed positive for antibodies. According to the article, this is the highest antibody level anywhere in the world.

Virologists were quick to caution that this may not be representative of the entire population. They shared that the tests were done in specific clinics, which may skew the numbers.

CityMD, a popular urgent care chain in New York and New Jersey, conducted 314,000 antibody tests in New York City in June. Of those tested, 26% tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies. It is certainly higher than most expected.

One virologist was quoted in the article as saying the findings were stunning. Of course, the article immediately followed with caution. The concern is because they will not say if this provides continued immunity. Experts are cautioning that guaranteed protection may not occur with antibodies and that secondary infection is possible. There is little evidence to support potential secondary infection at this point.

We are all aware that many early cases of the coronavirus may not have been identified due to a lack of testing. For many others, the absence of symptoms or their mild nature may not be a trigger to obtain testing. As we continue to learn more, it seems the United States is in a much different place than the media is telling us.

If we are close to achieving herd immunity, there is no reason for continued shutdowns. There is no reason for closing schools or punishing businesses around the country. Our economy can get back into full swing and put our neighbors back to work.

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