The media starts making excuses for Biden to skip debates

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Charlotte, NC — The media has started to make excuses for Joe Biden to skip upcoming Presidential debates. The first to set out potential ways for Biden to skip was The New York Times. In an article this week, Thomas Friedman set out conditions for Biden to insist for a potential debate.

Friedman’s two conditions are not surprising. He says Biden should demand Trump release his tax returns and insist on a non-partisan fact check committee to be present to perform live fact-checks. The suggestion is not only insane, but it tells a much deeper story.

The left is scared to death for Joe Biden to have to face President Trump in debates this fall. There are so many reasons it’s impossible to list them all here, so we’ll just go with two.

First, Joe Biden cannot function without his gaffes. Every time he is forced to speak, he says something ridiculous. Remember the time he threatened the auto worker? What about the time he said that if you don’t vote for him, you are not black?

Biden has been able to sleep quietly in the basement of his home, hiding from the public throughout the pandemic. He does not need to make appearances other than friendly, scripted ones. The media is running his campaign and doing an excellent job with his photo ops supplied to them.

The second reason that they cannot afford for Biden to debate President Trump is that Biden will look old and senile. While the left will argue that President Trump looks like a mad man, Joe Biden will look like he just walked out of the retirement village. The cognitive difference will be remarkably clear.

If you’ve watched any recent videos of those friendly Joe Biden interviews, Biden is struggling. He seems to lose his thoughts regularly, struggles to formulate a sentence other than his scripted lines. No matter the time of day, Biden struggles to function.

When you have someone like President Trump, even at 74 years old, is pretty sharp and quick-witted, his competitor will struggle. Especially the 77-year-old Biden. It will almost not be fair.

I have been saying for months on my podcast show and in various writings that the debates would be a strong point for President Trump. The left knows this is true. They know that if Joe Biden has to face President Trump, he will crumble under pressure. He struggled with those he faced in the primary and their pointed attacks.

I would expect others to come out and support the move to keep Biden from the debates as well. I would expect some to suggest he should not debate Trump because Trump is a racist. Others may suggest he should not debate Trump because of coronavirus. Maybe one will even suggest that Trump must sign a piece of legislation or commit to another measure to guarantee a debate.

No matter what the suggestion, the left is starting to look for their reasons. President Trump and the RNC should quickly push to schedule these debates without any terms and conditions tied to them. Trump will show the country through these debates precisely what Joe Biden is, old Dementia Joe, who is willing to take any position to appease the left.

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