The Hypocrisy of Corporate America in the Color Game

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Washington, D.C. – Corporate America today wants to play the color game. Joining the liberal-movement of radical, racial change, those sitting in boardrooms are attempting to force corporate compliance and absolute submission for the new movement perpetrated and financed by today’s socialist-Democrats. 

It would appear that nothing is safe from attack, not even the 6th oldest football team in the NFL. This week, FedEx, which has naming rights to the stadium where the Washington Redskins play, made a request Thursday that the group change its nickname. 

To push the issue and in an attempt to force compliance, Nike, the NFL’s official gameday uniform supplier, is no longer allowing customers to purchase Washington apparel from its website. The NFL page has every team listed on the left sidebar except Washington. Furthermore, its shopping filters also omit Washington, and its search function pulls up other organizations but no results for Washington.

It is almost laughable that Nike wants to illustrate a new corporate image, aimed at diversity and equality. For decades, the company has profited off the backs of cheap, overseas labor. 

During the international attention that focused on Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad, activists and many on social media have pointed to the well-documented low wages, long hours, and poor working conditions many who make the global corporation’s products endure.

A June 2018 report from the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) alleged that today’s factory workers receive even less of Nike profits than they did in the 1990s.

“The share of production costs of Nike and Adidas shoes that ends up in a worker’s pocket is now a staggering 30 percent less than in the early 1990s (2.5 percent in 2017 for Nike shoes compared with 4 percent in 1995),” the organization said, Reuters reported. According to CCC, the company has transferred much of its manufacturing to Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, as wages have increased in China.

According to CCC, in the three Southeast Asian nations, average earnings for garment workers are 45 to 65 percent below the so-called “living wage,” according to the CCC. 

Companies like Nike want to join the “Liberal Establishment” and play fast and loose with corporate branding amid a national divide in our country. Like today’s Democratic politicians, Nike executives are politically pandering to their base, for it is no secret that most of Nike’s customers belong to minority groups. 

Forcing the hand of private business into anti-conservative compliance is a shameful act. Like many of our nation’s monuments, the Washington Redkins have been around for decades – nearly 90 years. In a time where nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, it is apparent that liberals, and their bonafide, bonehead members of the boardroom, will stop at nothing until they successfully erase anything that doesn’t fit to form for their new version of American freedom. 

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