Aggrieved Father Who Lost Son at CHOP Zone Received Call from President Trump but NOT from Seattle Mayor

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In one of the most moving Hannity Shows ever, the father of a son slain in the CHOP zone in Seattle spoke out. It was a very emotional interview for Hannity and viewers who could see the pain the father felt after losing his son so senselessly.

Hannity held one of his most riveting interviews of all time last night when he brought on his show the father of a teen slain in Seattle’s CHOP zone a few weeks ago. Hannity provided the father ample time to share his story and feelings about losing his son so senselessly.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson revealed he was not allowed to see his son in the hospital after his son was shot, and he was not allowed to see his sons body for a week after he died. Mr. Anderson said he has not been contacted by law enforcement, the mayor, the governor or any politician about the matter. Mr. Anderson cried and shared the feelings of a loving father who had suddenly lost his son.

Mr. Anderson was shown a video of police begging the people of CHOP to let them in along with emergency personnel to assist in his son’s emergency care the night he was shot in CHOP. The father had not seen the video and was visually moved. Mr. Anderson had a good friend at his side.

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We posted this moving video on Thursday.

On Thursday while talking with reporters Horace Anderson said President Trump gave him a call to console him over the loss of his son.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has not made time to call the grieving father.

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