Is Christianity a religion of white supremacists?

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Charlotte, NC – On Wednesday, NPR ran an article with a headline that caught my attention. The title of the article was “White Supremacist ideas have historical roots in US Christianity.” As a Christian, many thoughts went through my mind as I read the headline. After reading the article, I think the subject warrants a little more discussion.

Throughout the article, the NPR writer shares how Christians have notoriously neglected racism. The author describes several social issues from the height of the civil rights movement and explains how Christians failed to act. It is also discussed how many racist ideas and feelings were given from the pulpit of Christian churches across the south.

The author would like you to read the title based on the description of “white supremacy” and that Christians are enabling those ideas. The suggestion that Christianity is full of racist people. This very notion neglects the bigger picture of things overall.

If we are honest, we know that there are extreme views inside of any segment of society. The notion that there are Christians that are racist is not surprising. I would agree that there are racists inside the label of Christianity.

Not one single religion is exempt from this viewpoint. Extreme views exist against multiple groups of people in various extreme religious beliefs. Some hate Americans, Westerners, Jews, Whites, or they teach hate against anyone that does not subscribe to their religion. So simply lumping Christians into a group as “white supremacists” is a little immature.

Christianity is a religion of all. In Christ’s teachings, he shared that he came to the world for all. He teaches that everyone needs salvation, and it’s not limited to a specific geographic region, skin color, etc. The foundational teachings of the Bible are very clear, Christianity is a religion that recognizes that all humanity needs a Savior, and that person is Jesus Christ.

Another argument commonly used across the media is the argument of “white Jesus.” The Washington Post pushed this issue in a recent article. Anytime I have ever been asked about the skin color of Jesus, my response has always been the same. What does it matter?

I go again to the foundational teachings of Christianity. Scripture teaches that every single person in this world needs to be forgiven of sin. Christianity believes that the only possible forgiveness for this sin comes in accepting and believing in Jesus Christ as Savior. Does the color of that Savior change anything?

It does not matter if Jesus was white, black, brown, or tan. The discussion of skin is completely irrelevant. It’s all about the problem of sin in a life and the solution for that sin. Anything else is merely a distraction.

The foundational teachings of Christianity are not focused on the outside of an individual. It is completely focused on the heart of the individual, or the spirit of the individual. To focus on anything else is a perversion of the teachings of Christianity and what matters.

To label Christians as “white supremacists” is as ridiculous as calling all Muslim extremists. It’s a tactic of the left to drive their agenda against Christians, and specifically evangelical Christians across the south. They wish to label these individuals as part of this cancel culture that they are cultivating.

Is the goal to cancel Evangelical Christianity? It certainly would not be surprising as the left has continued to push against these individuals continuing to align them with the evil President Trump. Christians must pay attention. The left is quickly coming for your religion any way they can.

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