For Liberals, Flags, and Songs are the Root of Evil in America

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Los Angeles, C.A. – For the left in this country, the changing of flags, the kneeling for our national anthem, and the removal of monuments and names from buildings will solve the problem of skin color in America. With some dropping of a knee, some spray paint, and a nylon fabric flag change, suddenly, the stain of slavery in the U.S. will be removed. In a blink of an eye, the “White Washing of America” will be undone forever.

The pandering of politicians and professional sports players continues. The debate over kneeling during our national anthem has returned, with whites and blacks alike, crawling out from the woodwork to show support for disgracing our democracy’s very fabric. 

Amid the tearing down of the statue of Francis Scott Key, who is known for writing “The Star-Spangled Banner” but was a slave owner, was toppled by protesters in San Francisco during demonstrations against racial injustice. 

Now, there is growing outrage over calls by activists, historians, and journalists to replace The Star-Spangled Banner as the national anthem because slaveowner Francis Scott Key wrote it, and potentially replace it with John Lennon’s Imagine. 

Liberals, Democrats, and blacks in this country believe that songs somehow illustrate and stimulate hatred. It is OK for today’s rappers and “musical artists” to use the “N-word” in their songs. One rapper, “Noname”, presented a song that contained the “N-word,” but provided an alternative for white fans. 

Noname stated, “I wrote this part so that you white people would have something to do since ya’ll ever say that word.” 

On June 27, lawmakers in Mississippi cleared the way to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag on Saturday. The state House and Senate approved a resolution to suspend legislative deadlines and introduce a bill to have a commission redesign the 126-year-old state flag.

The battle over the NFL and kneeling during the national anthem continues. League Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to play both sides of the aisle. The NFL said last week its players should be allowed to protest during the anthem, adding that it was “wrong for not listening” to players earlier.

Meanwhile, President Trump states that if players kneel, he will not watch. Trump tweeted: “And it looks like the NFL is heading in that direction also, but not with me watching.” 

The NFL tried to ban kneeling during the anthem in May 2018 and introduced a new policy with teams fined if players failed to stand, but put the plan on hold two months later.

Following Floyd’s death, NFL stars called on the league to condemn racism, and commissioner Roger Goodell responded by saying the NFL had made mistakes and will now encourage players to speak out. Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule said he’s considering kneeling alongside his players during the national anthem this season in support of the movement against racial injustice.

The half-cocked plan of liberal hypocrisy runs rampant across the country. Suddenly, a woman might refer to herself as “one tough bitch” with pride, but a man calling a woman a bitch will never feel the same. A Jew can tell a Jewish joke, but a German should not. And blacks can use the “N-word” in the lyrics of songs, but white people can’t sing them.

Democrats argue a couple of rap songs do not erase the unfortunate history of white people using the “N-word” as they subjugated, tortured, and killed black people. For me, an insult is an insult. The word “Nigga” is an insult. It does not instantly change its meaning because it sounds differently intones, situations of contexts, or by the very mouth, it came from.

For Democrats, and blacks in this country, it would appear that their fight will not stop until every “white resemblance” of American history is removed from our country. 

If they succeed, what will be left? 

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