Shortly After Sleepy Joe Biden Said “120 Million Dead from COVID” Media Froze Their Coverage

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Not only did the MSM prevent people and other networks from attending Thursday’s Biden speaking event in Pennsylvania, as soon as he claimed 120 million Americans died from COVID-19, the MSM cut away and ended their viewing of the pathetic event.

Joe Biden held an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday at 2:45 local time.  According to Biden’s campaign, the 2020 Democrat presumptive nominee was to meet with families to discuss the ‘Affordable Care Act.’

But as we reported, all local media was banned.  Biden’s camp did not give access to local media reporters.

Ty Lohr, a journalist for Lancaster Online said he was not allowed inside the building while Biden was speaking.

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“Only national outlets. When I asked why, I was told “space restrictions.” Disheartening to know that local media isn’t allowed to fully cover this event inside and out.” Ty Lohr said.

According to Ty Lohr, fake news outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC and the Daily Beast were the only entities allowed inside the building.

Basically, all fake news outlets who are Biden’s allies were allowed to cover the event.

For those keeping track, it has been 84 days since Joe Biden’s last press conference.

Of course the reason that independent journalists and those from conservative websites were banned is because Biden was due to stumble, and he did.

The 77-year-old Joe Biden said over 120 million Americans have died from the Coronavirus.

It appears Biden went off the rails as soon as he veered off script.

“Unnecessarily now we have over 120 million dead from COVID,” said Biden with his face mask pulled down to his chin.

However, according to publicly available information, there are approximately 122,000 COVID-related deaths in the US.

Joe Biden had no clue what he was talking about.


Now we know that the Biden team and the MSM killed live streaming of the pathetic event shortly after Biden blundered.  Townhall reported:

So what on Earth is Joe Biden talking about? The campaign must have been wondering the same thing because, just as Biden says something baffling and closes his eyes in frustration over another mental failure, the live stream freezes. The image stayed frozen for well over a minute. Coincidence? Is it a coincidence that Biden hasn’t held a press conference in 84 days?

Here is a hilarious video scripting the event:

One comment on the video was this:

I’ve seen braunschweiger sandwiches with more life than Sundowner Joe.”

We agree – the Democrats are pathetic and sick people for putting this elderly politician up as their candidate.  What a horrible joke.

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