New evidence shows it is time to charge Joe Biden with treason

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Charlotte, NC – On Wednesday, a US appeals court dismissed the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn. This follows the Department of Justice’s move to dismiss the case. It looks like the mission to destroy Flynn’s life may finally be coming to an end.

The dismissal does not come without further controversy. We have all heard the stories about the attempts to unmask Flynn and other concerns in the case. I wrote about the speculation about how much Obama knew and who was involved in the operation.

New evidence emerged as part of the dismissal that shows that former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden both knew more about the case than indicated. Notes by anti-Trump FBI agent Strzok show that Obama and Biden were both in the “know” about Flynn. His notes indicate that they knew about what was happening.

Biden has claimed he did not have knowledge and was not involved in the case, but evidence shows otherwise. According to the Strzok notes, Biden made the suggestion of the Logan Act, which was the law used against Flynn. Biden was not only knowledgeable, but was the one who suggested the method!

The notes also show that Comey suggests that the calls between Flynn and the foreign official were legitimate. That was not enough for Joe Biden and Obama, however. These latest revelations probably explain why Obama has been more outspoken lately.

Biden and Obama are both implicated directly in the attempt to subvert an incoming US President through this action. They attempted to undermine President Trump and the American people. The Democrats and the media will not report this. They need Joe Biden because they have no other hope.

They hope that the American people stay uninformed and uneducated on the illegal actions and activities that they took part in. They completely fabricated charges and the Russia hoax, as I have covered many times. President Trump was correct; this was an underground coup attempt, as he has suggested.

With both Obama and Biden implicated, what will be the recourse? We know that the Democrats will not push for an investigation. The Senate Republicans have even shown their hesitancy to investigate these things.

The Democrats will also not replace Joe Biden on the ticket. They have a candidate that is not having to campaign at all. The media is campaigning for Joe Biden.

It’s concerning that Biden can attempt to undermine a US President, but is being pushed to the presidency. If that doesn’t cause you to believe in some “Deep State” activity, I’m not sure what will. There was undoubtedly a conspiracy working against President Trump from the beginning.

The American people should demand action and an investigation. Obama and Biden should be held accountable for these actions. It’s time to charge them both with treason.

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