“We Will Defend Our Values, Our Voices, Our Faith, Our Heritage, Our Borders Our Rights and Our God Given Freedoms”

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PHOENIX AZ – Thousands of Trump supporters, both college students and other adults, waited hours in scorching Arizona heat that reached 109 degrees to see President Donald Trump at the Turning Points USA “Students For Trump” Convention.

The sold out event in north Phoenix hosted a massively enthusiastic crowd of young adults who’s cheers for Trump and boos for Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders rose the roof during a video introduction hours before Trump spoke.

Congressman Gaetz and Rick Grennell we’re introduced to a standing ovation and crazy enthusiasm and applause. Gaetz posed questions to Grennell who stated Trump wants to get to 25,000 troops in Germany. Grennell said the Germans constantly tell him they want to spend their funds on schools and kids when he used to press them on their inadequate NATO contributions. He said they should be careful what they teach the US as Trump too wants to reduce US troop levels in Germany so US funds cans be in vested in the US domestically.

Gaetz asked the Grennell if the President asked him to be Secretary of State would he serve. After a big smile and a long pause he said, “I can’t answer that.” There has been speculation that Secretary Pompeo might run for elected office.

Kimberly Guilfoil and Donald Trump Jr both slammed Joe Biden for hiding in his basement and for his dementia. They stated he is weak on China and called out Biden son Hunter Biden for his Ukraine and Chinese financial entanglements. Trump JR spoke about how creepy Joe is. If he sniffs the hair of kids while in the Senate he said. “Imagine what he does in private.”

Don JR said, Donald Trump has taught us to fight back” against the MSM narrative.

Trump made a grand entrance and the crowd went nuts. He said:

– can you imagine if sleepy Joe became President?

– It took Obama 18 months to endorse Joe Biden.

– Don’t forget I’m only here because of the job Obama didn’t do.

– We are here to declare that we will never cave to the left wing.

– Between Biden and the left China will own us if they get in

– We will protect our history. We believe in law and order. Those destroying statutes must know ten years is a long time to be in jail.

– By the end of my term we will have appointed over 300 judges

– To “Build the Wall” chants Trump stayed, We have been building the wall and now the Democrats don’t even talk about it because we won. Two things will never be obsolete- a wheel and a wall.

– Biden thinks he’s a tough guy but he actually doesn’t even know where he is!

– Regarding his son Biden can honestly say “I don’t know what he did” and with Biden’s limited mental capacity he make that statement correct.

– We are fighting for school choice.

– The left is always so dangerous because they put their ideology before your safety

– We are going to have a vaccine soon

– Our first duty is to take care of our citizens

– The hard left is trying to destroy our country.

– The left’s movement is based on hate

– We believe what Martin Luther JR said, people should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

– Absentee ballots are fine but now mass mailings

– People voted at the polls during world wars. We can do it during Covid-19

– Trump says maybe N.C. state should be defunded for attacks on conservative students after several students told stories of abuse on campuses merely because they are conservatives

– Trump criticized social media companies that block conservative voices on their platforms.

– A black student from Minneapolis criticized the BLM movement’s destruction and physical attacks.

Trump went through a lengthy list of accomplishments too numerous to list.

Not one demonstrator at the event. Amazing

The crowd LOVED Trumps 90 minute speech.

Here is the President.

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