The hate crime that wasn’t a crime at all

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Charlotte, NC – On Tuesday, the FBI announced that the noose that was found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage stall was not placed there intentionally. The noose had been there since October 2019, according to the report. That certainly sheds an interesting perspective on the situation.

Amid a tense divide across the country, race relations have come to the forefront once again. When the noose was found in the garage stall, NASCAR immediately condemned the “heinous act” as they called it. The driver responded, calling this a “despicable act of racism and hatred.”

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Except it wasn’t. The noose was not an act of racism at all. It had been there for almost one year. Long before any garage stall assignments were made. It was there as the trucks pulled in hauling the cars for their time at the track.

Everyone immediately assumed this was an act of racism and hatred towards NASCAR’s only black driver. All of the other drivers supported him on Monday in the rain-delayed event pushing his car to the start line. It was a special consideration to show “solidarity” with Wallace, who was the target of a hate crime.

Except he wasn’t. This ends up as a move by NASCAR to pander to a social justice cause. Most of all, it’s a continued display of the ignorance going on in our country right now.

Amid the media’s force-fed lies of “systemic racism” lies the actual truth. I’m not naive. I understand that racism will exist. It is far from the levels we have seen in the past in our country. The overwhelming majority of Americans have no issue with differences in the color of skin.

It’s a small fraction of society that has issues. Some of those exist on both sides of the aisle. On the one hand, we see some that want special treatment because of the color of their skin. On the other, we see those who want to pander to appear socially acceptable.

Both of these cases create a group that is simply walking around, looking for ways to have their feelings hurt. Some use it for attention, while some others use it for business gain. Either way, it’s disgraceful to see this happening in our country.

If we want to move beyond the division in our country, we have to start looking for the ways that we are bound together. We are not black or white. We are not rich and poor. You can list any of the other social classes that the Democrats want to label our country as here.

Our country was never created as a perfect nation. Since our founding, we have been an imperfect nation striving to get better. We see the results of this all around us as we often say we are the greatest nation ever.

That American greatness is at risk with the division that is being created. That’s the only message that the mainstream media and Democrats know. They want to continue to divide our country when we need to move beyond this social division.

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