Trump & White Supremacy: ‘Baby Lives Matter’ Onesie Is Not a Racist Slogan

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Max Berger — a “Political Organizer for Social Democracy,” according to his Twitter page, and former aide to Elizabeth Warren’s failed presidential campaign, where he served as “director for progressive partnerships” — is determined to believe, against all odds, that President Trump is a cloaked, but nevertheless quite passionate, white supremacist.

Yesterday afternoon, Max hit upon what he determined was further confirmation of this unfalsifiable belief, when he discovered that the Trump campaign is selling infant onesies emblazoned with the words “Baby Lives Matter.”

To most of us, this slogan is an obvious effort to point out that abortion ends human lives — though the attempt is a bit clumsy and arguably a rather unnecessary way to capitalize on our current moment of social unrest.

But to Max, this hateful onesie is . . . an effort to secretly communicate the infamous “14 Words” of the white-supremacist slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

It takes quite a mind to concoct that bizarre leap, not to mention one either entirely unaware of or determined not to acknowledge the fundamental premise of the anti-abortion movement: that a baby’s life is unjustly ended in every abortion procedure. To ignore — or perhaps be ignorant of — the belief that gives meaning to the slogan is absurd enough.

To twist a very obvious point into an alleged homage to white supremacy is idiotic almost beyond belief, especially given that most abortion opponents object to the fact that the procedure ends the lives of children of all races — and that white supremacists have in fact historically been highly supportive of abortion because that burden tends to fall disproportionately on racial minorities.

But when all you have is a hammer . . .

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