Biden flips his position on defunding the police, doesn’t realize it

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Charlotte, NC – Joe Biden has said he was against the defund the police movement. He has said that he feels this is a mistake and that social workers, like his daughter, do not deserve to go into risky situations. It seems he may be changing his mind.

In a recent interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Biden was pushed on his position for defunding the police. By the end of the conversation, Joe Biden seems to have changed his position.

He starts by advocating for community policing. He said that community policing helps with the issues. Then he continues and says that he supports measures for police being the second line of defense against many measures. This is precisely what the defund the police movement is calling for.

He continues saying that there should be a focus on community workers and organizers. Again, the same lines that are being used as part of the defund the police movement. So in a few minutes in an interview, Trevor Noah convinced Joe Biden to change positions on defunding the police.

The American people have not turned their backs on the police, however. A recent Rassmussen poll shows that 59% of people across the country do not want to cut police budgets. That is any budget cuts across the board. The American people understand the value of the police and do not want to defund them.

In my most recent podcast, I talked about how this situation. I shared that there is overwhelming support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Over 60% of Americans view Black Lives Matter as favorable.

I think more than favorability; this is a situation of empathy. No one in their right mind would say that George Floyd deserved to die in police custody. It’s a tragic event. In that same token, the support of Black Lives Matter is not an outright hatred of the police.

We see that in these poll numbers. People may be empathetic to the situation and want to see some reforms, but they do not think those reforms mean to eliminate the police. The critical question is, what does Joe Biden think?

It’s obvious he is supportive of defunding the police movement, but it’s not obvious if he knows what that movement is. He knows the platform and the desires, but it does not appear he understands what those things mean. The American people do and should hold Biden accountable.

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