National Guard Members Who Responded to DC Riots Test Positive for Coronavirus

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Multiple members of the National Guard who responded to the DC riots have now tested positive for coronavirus.

Politicians and pundits were quick to attack shutdown protesters for endangering people during a pandemic, while promoting, endorsing, and encouraging the race riots of George Floyd’s death.

There were 1,300 D.C. National Guard members called in to contain the riots that destroyed large portions of the city.

Speaking to McClatchy, a spokeswoman for the National Guard confirmed there are now multiple confirmed cases, but did not specify how many.

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“We can confirm that we have had COVID-19 positive tests with the DCNG,” said D.C. National Guard spokeswoman Air Force Lt. Col. Brooke Davis. “The safety and security of our personnel is always a concern, especially in light of the COVID-19 era.”

Two members of the Nebraska National Guard who were deployed in response to riots also tested positive for the virus.

Nearly all members of the National Guard are expected to leave DC by Wednesday, but those who have tested positive for the virus will have to remain until they are cleared for travel.

“All Guardsmen who are suspected to be at high risk of infection or have tested positive for COVID-19 during demobilization will not be released from Title 32 orders until risk of infection or illness has passed,” Davis said.

“Members of the Air and Army National Guard with no, or low risk of exposure, who present symptoms of infection one to 14 days after release from orders will contact their unit,” she said.

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