How Could “Anybody with a Beating Heart and a Working Mind Still Support Him?”

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Hillary is on the warpath.  She hates President Trump and she can’t stop herself when his name comes up.  ‘Corrupt Hillary’ will be eternally bitter that President Trump beat her in the 2016 Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the far-left Los Angeles Times over the weekend.  During her interview she showed her real colors and went off on President Trump.  Hillary started her interview as follows, talking about the man who beat her in the 2016 Presidential election:

If you look at the young people who are the primary movers of the peaceful protests in response to Mr. Floyd’s killing, I’m hopeful that this can break open not only some hearts but some structural impediments to equality and justice in a way that defies the distraction of the second-to-second demands of social media,” Clinton says.

“And it may well be that a leader like [Donald] Trump, who depends upon distraction, has finally been brought down to Earth because people are watching in real time what is happening and how inadequate his response has been to these historic moments.”

She was calling from her home in Chappaqua, N.Y..  It was unknown whether Hillary was resting from a walk in the woods or not:

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Clinton was calling from her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., along with “Hillary” director Nanette Burstein (sheltering in the Catskills), to talk about the documentary, but the conversation inevitably turned to current events and the former secretary of State was, as you would expect, brutally frank in her assessment of President Trump’s performance these last few months.

He has been such a failure across the board,” she says.

The woman (Hillary) sounds so bitter in her interview and it’s all about President Trump, the man she lost to in the 2016 Presidential election:

What has been so surprising to me is how he can barely make an effort to rise to the occasion. I truly don’t think he can get out of his own way. Everything has to be all about him. If it’s about a terrible pandemic with an unprecedented virus, he tries to ignore it, tries to keep the attention on himself. Then when it becomes impossible to do that, he tries to seize the moment and turn it into a daily rally, like he loves to do. And then when it becomes impossible to ignore, he tries to change the subject, he tries to withdraw from the spotlight so he can come up with some other diversion and distraction for the body politic and the press.

Oh my God, Hillary is so bitter.  When asked about President Trump getting his photo in front of the church that was set afire by rioters, Hillary said this about the man who beat her in the 2016 Presidential election:

It was beyond my comprehension. We have never seen anything like this. He is without shame. It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him.

You mentioned the inauguration. I’d been to every inauguration since 1993, and I had a really hard time going to that one, but I thought, “OK. The moment might very well transform him and the awesome responsibility of the office as well.” And yet I heard him get up and give that speech that was the absolute opposite of anything that could have brought the country together. Politics should be about addition, about finding common ground. No, he was speaking to his outraged base.

Hillary brings up that she was sitting next to former President Bush during President Trump’s inauguration for President of the United States after he just won the election beating Hillary in an electoral landslide:

And in the movie, I say, I was sitting next to George W. Bush — who has now spoken out twice, trying to provide some ballast in this time we’re going through, which I appreciate, despite my political disagreements with him — and he just turned to me and said, “That was some weird s—.” And every single day has been a surprise, an unpleasant surprise, about how there seems to be no bottom to this man and his presidency.

Oh my God…. the rest of the interview is more of the same.  She goes on and on and on in a bitter tirade.  Not surprisingly, she failed to discuss the emails that she kept from the FBI before the election, her campaign’s efforts to create a fraudulent dossier that was then used as weapon to create a fraudulent coup against the President who beat her in the 2016 Presidential election.

The good news is after nearly four years, Hillary Clinton is more bitter today than ever that she lost the 2016 Presidential election to President Donald J. Trump.  No doubt she will take this to her grave.

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