Chicago’s Carnage Awaits Cities With No Police

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Chicago, I.L. – Liberals across this nation want to end traditional law enforcement, and the results will be deadly. Don’t believe me? Look no further than the city of Chicago, who, with a standing police force, recorded 92 shooting victims, 27 fatally, over the first weekend in June. 

The carnage of Chicago was the most violent weekend of the year so far for the city. Chicago saw its deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years, with ten shot dead and 39 others wounded.

On Sunday, the Minneapolis City Council announced a plan to disband the city’s police department. Democrats in this country choose political pandering over proper policing of the public, preferring to defund law enforcement in favor of community initiatives that predicate on “preventative measures.” 

In this country, liberal “leadership” does not have the slightest idea of putting forth policy to replace traditional law enforcement effectively. Their plans go no further than lip service and a continuation of empty promises. 

Democratic-controlled cities across the nation continue to reel from the devastation of the coronavirus. Coupled with the destruction brought on by the damage of riots, liberals in this country want someone other than themselves to blame for their political failures. 

Suddenly, the answer to actions of a handful of rogue cops is a complete disbanding of police departments. Our nation was founded on both law and order. The Constitution of the United States promises a fair trial by a jury of our peers, with the presumption of innocence. 

Racism in our country occurs, and sadly to say, it will continue as hate runs rampant in the hearts and minds of some Americans. However, in a time of chaos, where our nation has illustrated that our communities are not safe from either racist or rioters, the solution is not to dissolve our nation’s police. 

Under liberal control, our country’s cities cannot preserve or protect life with a police force. Imagine the carnage without one. If hatred will consume an individual in law enforcement to take the life of another, will the same hatred not move a person to take a life without law enforcement? 

Death tolls will mount for Democrats as they continue to calculate. Standby as our nation is disemboweled with the destruction.

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