Mob Taunts Isolated Black Cop Before Moving in To Attack

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A mostly white mob claiming to be seeking racial equality has been videoed taunting a black man to achieve its goals.

One vignette from Thursday’s protests in Austin, Texas, shows the extent to which protesters who say they are marching for justice in memory of George Floyd are against the police.

As TheBlaze noted, video posted on Twitter shows protesters circling around one black Texas state trooper amid a demonstration at the Texas Capitol.

Although the trooper is aware he is a target, and continually turns to prevent someone from coming up from behind, he is significantly outnumbered.

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Some of the protesters made a grab for a backpack the officer was holding.

Showing no fear that the trooper might use his weapons, the crowd continued to harass and taunt him until, as another officer arrived to help him, he walked away.

Protests in Austin have taken place for nine straight nights. On Saturday, protesters blocked a highway, according to KVUE.

Amid a day of protests across the country, many of them peaceful, Seattle was the site of an anti-police attack, according to KIRO.

Marchers had moved a police barricade and were told to stop.

Officers then became the target of rocks, bottles and what police called “improvised explosives.”

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Police reported via Twitter that “several” officers were injured. Police Chief Carmen Best, who is among the nation’s black police chiefs, said two of the injured officers went to the hospital.

Do you think these protests are really about racial equality?

In New York City, Captains’ Endowment Association President Chris Monahan explained the plight of officers on the front lines, according to the New York Post.

He warned that elected officials “do not have your back and will use you as a political pawn!”

“My assessment is ‘Hands off the protester/looter you will be assaulted by them. Hands on the protester/looter you will be assaulted by our elected officials.’ BE CAREFUL!” he wrote in a letter to his members.

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