Democrats Dropping Out Of The Race As The Picture Is Becoming Clearer

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Democrats vying for the Democratic presidential nomination are dropping out of the race. Everyone knew that the race would have to tighten around Super Tuesday, but the general consensus was that it would happen after that day. It seems to have happened sooner than thought.

First, on Saturday evening Tom Steyer dropped out of the race. Steyer’s campaign was completely staked on a strong showing in South Carolina, but that did not happen. He finished third in the race, but he needed a win to establish himself as a solid candidate going into Super Tuesday. Without that solid finish, Steyer had no chance at the nomination.

Rather than face the losses on Super Tuesday, Steyer chose to leave the race. In comments made online, Steyer vowed to do support the eventual nominee. He also says he will do whatever it takes to defeat Trump in November.

Tom Steyer on Twitter

I got into this race to fight for racial, climate, and economic justice. I will continue that fight, and do everything I can to support the eventual nominee. I thank all of you for your support and love throughout the campaign.

On Sunday evening, Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race after being a top tier contender against Bernie Sanders in the first two states. Buttigieg narrowly won the Iowa contest and was second in New Hampshire. Multiple media outlets were reporting that Buttigieg was dropping out of the race, but as of the time of this writing no formal statement was posted on his website or on social media.

Buttigieg was thought to be a strong candidate to appeal to the middle of the road candidates, but struggled to gain support in key states like South Carolina. He was not polling strong going into Super Tuesday and was poised to fall from front runner to the back of the pack on Tuesday.

Now attention turns to Super Tuesday and all eyes will be on Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden. Biden, fresh off his win in South Carolina appears as the clear challenger to Bernie Sanders for the nomination. Most recent polls at RealClear Politics show Sanders and Biden alternating as the front runner in the Super Tuesday states. Bloomberg has been gaining ground and depending on his showing on Super Tuesday could give Biden some concerns. Either way, Sanders is proving himself as a strong candidate to the Democrats and someone to be reckoned with.

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