Trump Triggers The Left At CPAC Not Once, But Twice!

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On Saturday, President Trump triggered the left not once, but twice! The American Conservative Union’s CPAC 2020 event featured President Trump as one of the speakers. The event is a 4 day event and was held in National Harbor, Maryland.

The first instance in which Trump triggered the left, was in his speech itself. During the speech, Trump was talking about the 2020 election and Mike Bloomberg came up. In the clip below, he started his comments talking about Elizabeth Warren and her fading behind in the election. Then Trump started on mini-Mike.

Trump certainly knows how to work the crowd. He received a standing ovation for the remarks. This set off many on social media for the remarks, but Trump was not finished with triggering the left. He’s an expert at it you know.

After the speech, Trump gave a hug and kiss to the American flag. Yes, he displayed love for this country, but the left couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a shot at him for it. Check out his actions below.

New Yorker magazine referred to Trump as the ringmaster and a flag-love exaggerator. All across Twitter, those on the left were accusing Trump of molesting the flag. Others took aim and said it was time to burn the flag because Trump desecrated it. Yes, the left simply cannot understand how someone could love the country like Trump.

The left would rather have someone that goes on a worldwide apology tour. But that’s what happens when a Democrat is in office. We have Trump in office and he continues to trigger the left with every action. Sure, he isn’t perfect, but he does bring a love for the country that none of these Democrats seem to have.

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