New Analysis Of Green New Deal Shows Extreme Costs In Battleground States

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The Green New Deal, a staple of the progressive Democrats agenda, will cost you a lot of money. That is according to a recent study released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. On Wednesday, the CEI released an expanded study from a previous one that looked at five states. In the new study, 11 states are examined for the potential costs of the Green New Deal.

The state that would pay the most is Alaska, with estimated first year costs at $84.584 and ongoing costs of over $50,000 annually. My home state of North Carolina would see initial costs of almost $75,000 and ongoing costs over $40,000 annually. My question – what everyday American has this kind of money sitting around?

The everyday Americans, those who these communists claim to be working for, cannot afford to write a check for $75,000 and $40,000 ongoing. Median household incomes are just over $60,ooo. So we are going to force people to go into debt to supply free education, housing, free electric cars, eliminate airplanes and eliminate cow farts. How absurd is this?!

To those on the left, it isn’t absurd. In fact, it makes good sense. Why? Because they do not have a concept of money. AOC, Bernie Sanders and the other socialists would have you believe that the cost is minimal. But their $15 per hour programs aren’t helping those making over $15 per hour now. So for those Americans already making salaries near the median income range, you would simply need to get ready to write that check!

This debt is not just a single one time use debt, but ongoing debt. Imagine having a monthly payment for green initiatives that costs you more than your house payment itself. More than the house payment and car payment(s) combined for many folks. This is simply insane.

These types of reports are what is needed to be shared with undecided and moderate voters around the country. Even with Democrats that have some sense. Nearly every Democratic presidential candidate has endorsed the Green New Deal in some fashion. Folks need to understand what this legislation will cost them.

On Wednesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez read the entire Green New Deal on the House floor. She shared her concern for climate change and the lack of focus on it among the Democratic Party in the debates. The left has argued that the plans are ambitious, but that inaction will cost more. The plans are more than ambitious, they are asinine.

We cannot afford this legislation. Americans cannot afford to give up everything they have to pay for the Green New Deal. If you cannot see between the lines here, they want you to give up everything in promise they will provide everything you need. This is not socialism as they claim, this is communism.

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