Gambling On Trump Or Realizing The Truth? New York Magazine Lays Out The Case Against Sen. Susan Collins

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During the Trump impeachment trial, many discussions occurred around moderate Senators and how they would vote. In the end and to the lefts dismay, Sen. Mitt Romney was the only Republican to side with Democrats for impeachment of President Trump. I had been waiting for the media to crucify those moderate Senators who decided not to vote against Trump. Over the weekend, I read on such piece.

In an issue of New York Magazine, published on February 17, 2020, Rebecca Traister took on the topic of Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). In the article, she asked the question how Collins could support President Trump, after years of voting across the aisle. She took a look at Collins past and upbringing to help give some background and substance to the article, but you really did not have to look that far.

In the first few paragraphs, Traister describes an interaction with a gentleman and Collins in the airport. The man, a Democrat, approached Collins asking how Trump was above the law. Yes, using the typical Democratic talking points. Now if you have ever once interacted with someone on the left in a discussion, you know exactly how this conversations probably went. The author describes it as a frustrating conversation. I would imagine the conversation was pointed and unprofessional at best.

It certainly appears that Collins felt the same way. She described the encounter, per the article, as “very rude” and that the man “called her a coward.” Yes, that’s the tolerant left we have all come to expect and love. The man took out a full page ad to engage in some more public banter. This is the norm for the left. The right is expected to bow to their every demand. But if you rebut them in any way, you are a coward.

The author continues to talk about the reelection battle that Collins will face now. Yes, it’s probably true that Collins will face a reelection battle that she has not faced before. All due to Democrats who are angry because she voted to not remove a sitting President. Because she did not want to be part of a completely partisan process that had no evidence or merit. I don’t know about you, but I think in this instance, Collins made the right decision.

The left will continue to praise Mitt Romney while they continue to attack those who refused to side with their sham. They needed these votes to attempt to prove the process was not partisan, but they failed. These independents saw straight through the process. Collins will face reelection challenges but I do not see this giving issues to her legacy as was suggested.

As the author writes, Collins knew the power of her vote back when she entered the Senate. She knew what was at stake with her vote to support President Trump. Yet, that still did not change her mind and she still supported Trump. This angers the left, but then again, what doesn’t.

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