Jim Acosta Still Wants Attention, Goes After Trump In India

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On Tuesday, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta went after President Trump at a press conference in India. Acosta asked Trump specifically about allowing foreign interference into this years election. He continued his question with a second part about the outgoing director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire. The exchange did not go so well, but that’s just how Acosta wanted it.

Acosta is obviously trying to capitalize on recent reports that Russia may be trying to interfere with US elections again this year. Initially, reports were that they were trying to help President Trump. Since the initial reports, they have walked back those statements. Additional reports have claimed that Russia is also attempting to help Bernie Sanders campaign.

In the exchange, Trump mentions this exact thing, where CNN had to put out a new story because of exaggerated claims. Acosta immediately responded with the attack that CNN is better at delivering the truth than Trump. Trump proceeded to attack Acosta and CNN’s record saying that he should be ashamed.

This is not the first time that Acosta and Trump have went head to head. If you recall, back in 2018 Acosta had his media credentials revoked for how he acted in a press briefing. Acosta has attempted to capitalize on his position in the White House through a book deal and through these sort of actions since Trump took office.

This is also not the first time that CNN personalities have come under fire for unprofessional actions. In addition to Acosta, CNN’s Don Lemon has also had multiple instances of unprofessional behavior. But CNN does not address the issues or reprimand the actions of their personalities. Could it be because of the bias that they have shown against President Trump?

CNN has shown bias in the past on the Democratic side as well. In 2016, the company came under scrutiny for showing bias against Bernie Sanders. This led to protestors at the Los Angeles offices of CNN as part of the occupy movement during that time period. They are under fire again for the same bias agains Sanders in 2020.

It’s obvious that main stream media is no longer “unbiased.” Its also obvious that CNN is a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. While Fox News has promoted conservative content for some time, CNN has attempted to try to argue that it is not biased, but the data shows otherwise.

I’m certainly not arguing that Fox News is not biased either. For example, at our organization we clearly define that we are looking at things from the conservative viewpoint. We do not claim that we are trying to be presenting it from the middle or unbiased.

That’s the problem with media in the US. They claim no bias, but their reporting and stories tell otherwise. Then we are left with personalities like Acosta and Lemon, who simply do not get it. They are simply pawns for the Democratic Party.

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