Buttigieg: We’re Going Back To The 1950s With Trump, 1960s With Sanders | Video

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Pete Buttigieg knocks the policies of Bernie Sanders and his recent comments praising Cuba at the CBS News Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

PETE BUTTIGIEG: –The only way we’re going to restore American credibility

AMY KLOBUCHAR: Margaret, could I–could I–as someone who–

BUTTIGIEG: –The only way–

KLOBUCHAR: –as a person–

BUTTIGIEG: –We can do this is–


BUTTIGIEG: –Is to actually win to the presidency and I am not looking forward to a scenario where it comes down to Donald Trump with his nostalgia for the social order of the 1950s and Bernie Sanders with the nostalgia for the revolutionary politics of the 1960s.


This is not about what coups were happening in the 1970s or ’80s. This is about the future. This is about 2020. We are not going to survive for six need an we’re certainly not going to win by reliving the Cold War and we’re not going to win these critical House and Senate races if people in those races have to explain why the nominee of the Democratic Party is telling people to look at the bright side of the Castro regime.

BRENNAN: Thank you.


BUTTIGIEG: We’ve got to be a lot smarter about this and look to the future.

BRENNAN: All right, Senator–Senator Sanders, Senator Sanders, your response.

BERNIE SANDERS: Let us be clear, we think healthcare for all, Pete, is some kind of radical communist idea?

BUTTIGIEG: Well, you brought this up. Let’s talk about that.

SANDERS: Do we think raising the minimum wage to a living wage–

BUTTIGIEG: –I’m happy to respond to the question–

SANDERS: –Do we think building–

BUTTIGIEG: –Because this is really important–

SANDERS: –The millions of units of affordable housing–

BUTTIGIEG: –This is really important–

SANDERS: –That we need–

BUTTIGIEG: –No, if you’re going to ask that rhetorical question, let’s go behind–


SANDERS: –Do we think raising taxes on billionaires–

BUTTIGIEG: –Let’s talk about this–

SANDERS: –Is a radical idea–

BUTTIGIEG: –Let’s talk about what’s radical about that plan–

SANDERS: –You think criminal justice reform is a radical idea–

BUTTIGIEG: –Senator, please. Senator–

BRENNAN: –Candidates–

BUTTIGIEG: –the things you just named are things–


SANDERS: –Do you think immigration reform–the truth is–

BUTTIGIEG: –The things that you just named are the things–they’ve rebuffed–

BRENNAN: –One at a time–

SANDERS: –That the American people support–

BUTTIGIEG: — The way you’re talking about doing it is radical (INAUDIBLE)–

SANDERS: –My agenda–that is why I am beating Trump in virtually every poll–

BUTTIGIEG: –But here’s the thing–

SANDERS: –And why I will defeat him.

BUTTIGIEG: I’m going to open this up. Universal healthcare for example–

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